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AC3 DTS Digital Audio Decoder 5.1 Audio Gear Decoder

The DTS/AC-3 audio decoder is to convert the optical, coaxial (LPCM included), or digital audio signal from computer, PC sound card, PS3, XBOX360, Blue-ray, DVD players, HD set-top boxes, HD players into 5.1 analog signal. It can decode Dolby AC3/DTS audio and output 5.1 analog audio at the same time. So it is widely used in schools, squares, concert halls, cinemas and other public places to enjoy the effect of DTS and Dolby.

Original Price: £340.00
Special Price:               
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Delivery times: DHL OR UPS 3-6 days to deliver. Shipping worldwide.

AC3 DTS Digital Audio Decoder 5.1 Audio Gear Decoder Manual DOWNLOAD here...

AC3 DTS Digital Audio Decoder 5.1 Audio Gear Decoder wholesale price please contact us , we will give you at the best price!
(email address: order@dreamboxeshop.co.uk.com ; MSN: order@dreamboxeshop.co.uk.com .)
AC3 DTS Digital Audio Decoder 5.1 Audio Gear Decoder Specifications:

wide range of applications: computer PC, laptop, PS3, XBOX360, HD players, HD set-top boxes, DM500,DM600/DM800..., Blu-ray DVD, HD-CD, KTV audio
    · Input: 1 X Optical,1 X Coaxial,1 X Audio
    · Output:1 X CEN/ SW, 1 X FL/FR,1 X SL/SR,(RCA PORT)
    · Transfer the DTS/AC-3 digital signal into 5.1 analog output (FL/FR if 2.1).
    · Transfer the stereo(R/L) audio signal data into 5.1 analog output.
    · Two SPDIF input, one coaxial input, one sterero input supplying perfect solution for your HDTV player, XBOX360 etc.
    · One button to switch mode, simple to operate.
    · Auto detect AC3、DTS、PCM digital audio signal,
    · Decode format : Dolby Digital EX、DTS-ES、Dolby Pro Logic II、DTS、AC3,Dolby  Digital.
    · S/N :120db
    · stereo separate degree:80db(1KHZ)
    · Noise output frequency:200uV
    · Simulate output frequency:2.2V
    · Size:105*75*25mm
    · G.W.:1.5kg
Product Function
    1): support for digital DTS, Dolby AC-3 audio signal source decoding, the output of 5.1 or 2.1 channel analog audio signal
    2): Support for analog stereo (R / L) audio signal is decoded, the output of 5.1 or 2.1 channel analog audio signal
    3): all the way to digital OPTICAL (optical) audio signal input, one digital COAXIAL (coaxial) audio signal input, one analog AUX (stereo) input. More complete multi-channel digital audio and analog audio input
    4): multi-channel signal input, one-button switch, convenient
    5): Power auto-detection signal input channel, switch to a signal input channel, when no signal input, output mute function
    6): 6 RCA (RCA) output, 5.1 or 2.1-channel analog output, one-button switch, power and memory saving
    7): 24-bit audio DSP, 96KHZ/24bit ADC and DAC digital processing chip
    8): noise ratio: 120db
    9): Separation: 80db (1KHZ)
    10): Frequency response: 20HZ-20KHZ 0.5db
    11): Analog output level: 2.2V
    12): Product Size: 108 * 75 * 26mm
Some Interface Introduce:
    A. Optical input interface: XBOX360, PS3, STB, DVD player, Blue-ray DVD players, HD player
    B. Coaxial input interface: can be connected to computer PC sound card or notebook coaxial output, high-definition players, set-top boxes, DVD player, etc.
    C. AUX Input Interface: Connect to any group of LPCM stereo signals (such as computer audio, MP3 / 4 player audio)
    D. Three output channels: connect to home theater or a 5.1-channel power amplifier ((FL/FR if 2.1 channel)

    Note:  The default output is 5.1channel sound. You need to switch it to 2.1channel with the 2.1/5.1 button on the item if needed. 
Package Included:
    1x 5.1 AUDIO GEAR Decoder
    1x High Quality Optical Fiber Cable (1M)
    1x 100-240V input/9V output Power adapter(Default:US plug,and we have UK/AU/EU adapter for your choice.which plug are you need.please write it in your Ebay order.then i will sent the right one to you.)
    1x user manual (IN English)



    1): Signal input and output connected, power POWER indicator lights. But the sound no sound?
    Solution:First determine the input and output stage after the stage before the device is working properly, and then automatically detects the input signal power, power is the order of detection: Optical (D1) - Coaxial (D2)-AUX
    a: When the signal for the optical input: D1 power corresponding to the blue light lit
    b: When the signal for the coaxial input: the blue light from the corresponding jump D1 D2, D2 Always
    c: When the signal for the AUX input: corresponding to the blue light from the D1 D2 and then jump off
    Stated: When connected to the input signal and found the blue light from the D1 D2 and then jump to jump to D1, that there is no signal input, the input device you need to check the correct working conditions
    2): Why is playing a DTS or AC3 film source, but output is not 5.1 effect?
    Solution: After the output signal level needs and your equipment-one correspondence
    a: When the output is only left and right channels and bass sound, while the left and right surround and center does not sound, you just click on the decoder front panel of the 5.1/2.1 button, you can switch over
    b: Does the real DTS/AC3 Dolby 5.1 channel sources for the output of the decoder can only decode the audio signal source, without any new sources can be reduced to 5.1 channel output to force
    3): When the analog stereo input and output 5.1 Why is there no effect?
    Solution: take the effect of only 5.1 to 5.1-channel decomposition of left and right channels, is not the simulation of virtual

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